• Preparing for a solo: Tina Azuma

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    We caught up with Tokyo Sinfonia cello player Tina Azuma, who performed a solo in March, to find out her secrets to solo success.



    In the Tokyo Sinfonia, each of our 19 players has the opportunity to perform a solo, making us an orchestra that truly cares about the development of its talent as well as the enjoyment of its audience.

    We asked cello player Tina Azuma, who will perform a solo at our March 15th Haydn Champagne concert, to share her secrets to success.

    How do you prepare for a solo?

    Because rehearsal time together is limited, I practice while reading the sheet music and imagine listening to the sounds, to understand not only my part but also how it is connected to the parts of the other soloists and the Tokyo Sinfonia’s sound as a whole.

    How do the Tokyo Sinfonia players support each other, particularly the soloists, before and during concerts?

    Since all Tokyo Sinfonia players have the chance to be a soloist, we appreciate how difficult it is and know how best to do it well. At performances, the flow of the music is often different from what it was in rehearsals but I concentrate on adapting to that by listening to the sounds of my fellow players. The orchestra members reassure me. Backstage before each performance, everyone is very calm and relaxed.

    The upcoming concert will feature the works of Haydn. What kind of music can the audience expect?

    It’s very bright and lively music so I think even audience members who have not heard it before will be able to easily familiarise themselves with it.

    What excites you about the solo pieces you will perform?

    Since the melody of my solo features many high notes, we are aiming for a timbre to which a lady can sing. Four soloists are performing so I am looking forward to hearing the different parts that will make up our ensemble.

    Great job, Tina! 











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