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    Posted on January 8, 2019 by admin in Blog.
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    1. 東京シンフォニアについての関心を示された方だけに、イベントや活動についての情報をお送りします。
    2. 個人情報は安全に管理し、適宜、更新・削除いたします。
    3. 個人情報を第三者に提供することはありません。

    Following the EU’s GPDR, which pertains to contacting EU citizens, the Tokyo Sinfonia has developed this Privacy Policy:
    1. Only those who have expressed an interest in the Sinfonia will be contacted, solely for the purpose of sending details of upcoming events and activities.
    2. All personal data will be stored securely and can be updated or deleted at any time.
    3. Personal data will never be shared with any third parties.

    For further information, contact info@tokyosinfonia.com.

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