Maestro Rÿker’s vision is to develop:

  • The audience – through a warm, inclusive atmosphere at innovative events such as our dinner concert serenades and the Strings at School programme.
  • The players – through “every player is a soloist.”
  • The repertoire – through discovering and re-scoring important masterworks to develop the string orchestra as a “new instrument.”

This vision requires special, personal support.

Revenues from ticket sales do not suffice to cover musicians’ fees and event expenses. We must therefore rely on corporate sponsorship or art grants for the bulk of our funding. However, we also look to individuals to support our Maestro’s vision by becoming “Friends of the Sinfonia” and to take a hands-on approach to help sustain our current concert offerings and to grow in the future.

We seek your personal support in the form of a continuing commitment to an on-going endowment, or a single donation for a special event.


The base contribution is in multiples of ¥50,000 a year.

  • The Friend’s name will feature inside the printed programmes thus: “Friends of the concert: Mr. John & Mrs. Jane Smith, Mr. Hiro & Mrs Mari Sato…”
  • Friends will receive special advance notice of all Tokyo Sinfonia’s programmes.
  • Special premium seating will be reserved for Friends at each concert.
Those who are in a position to do so may wish to look at our options for corporate sponsorship.

LISTEN NOW to Tokyo Sinfonia performing “The Seasons Op. 37b: XII. Décembre (Noël)”.The player will open in a new window so you can continue exploring this website whilst the music is playing.

Buy our CONCERT CDs: You can purchase your own high quality recordings of our concert performances.


The current “Roll of Honor” for Friends of the Sinfonia includes the following to whom we extend our sincerest appreciation for their continuing friendship and support

Roslyn Hayman,  Yasuko Ide,  Eri Koshibu,  Michael Perrin,  Shuji Sakuma, Dr. Yoji Koshibu and  Trond Varlid,



The Friends is a group that can become anything you want it to be; it’s not only about fund raising and support for the Sinfonia. We also plan to hold regular musical appreciation and education evenings presented by Robert Rÿker over a light dinner so that Friends can share their passion of classical music with like minded friends.

We invite more of you who love the Sinfonia to join the Friends and help us grow and flourish.

See you at the Sinfonia,