Symphonies for Strings: Antonio Salieri

September 13, Wednesday, 7pm

Oji Hall, Ginza

Join us for our September Champagne concert featuring the musical works of Italian classical composer Antonio Salieri!

アントニオ・サリエリ (1750-1825)
Antonio Salieri (1750-1825)
Born near Verona, Salieri’s first musical training was with his elder brother, a violinist who performed in the local churches. After the death of his parents, the boy became the ward of a nobleman of Venice, where he was able to continue his musical studies. He caught the attention of Imperial Hofkapellmeister Florian Gassmann, who was impressed enough with Salieri’s talents to take him to Vienna, install him in his home, and oversse the remainder of his musical education.
Gassmann’s first act was to take the 16-year-old boy to the Italian Church and consecrate his teaching and service to God. He also soon took Salieri with him to the daily chamber music performances which accompanied the evening meal of the music-loving Emperor Joseph, who instructed Gassman to bring his protege with him as often as he wished. Salieri met and establish friendships with Metastasio and court composer Gluck, who likewise became friends, informal advisors and confidents.
In 1770, when Gassmann was absent from the theatre on an extended opera commission, the gap in his instruction allowed Salieri to make his debut as the composer a completely original opera buffa. At Gassmann’s death four years later, the Emperor appointed Salieri, at 23, director of Italian opera for the Habsburg court. Salieri composed 35 operas in an illustrious career. His influence was felt in every aspect of the musical life of Vienna, his works were performed throughout Europe, and his students included virtually every great composer of the day.
シンフォニア ヴェネツィア人
弦楽のための交響曲 ニ長調
1775年に作曲され、サリエリの唯一の交響曲。「交響曲 題名は聖名祝日、下方に記載の年の8月に、庭にて作曲」。
アットホームな雰囲気と高い芸術性を持って、あらゆる機会に対応した演奏を提供する、世界でもユニークな室内オーケストラ。あたたかく豊かな音色、いきいきとした表現力を特徴とし、音楽監督ロバート・ライカーの音楽への愛情を音であらわす。イマジネーション溢れる選曲とプログラム構成 の楽しいコンサートが好評。
Sinfonia Veneziana
Salieri’s Sinfonia Veneziana opens with a brief movement borrowed from comic opera of 1778, La scuola de’gelosi. The remainder of the music is derived from the overture to La partenza inaspettata, produced in Rome the following year. A lightweight work, it shows Salieri as a master of light opera style and a predecessor to Rossini.
Concerto for 2 Violins, Violoncello & Strings
During the absence of his patron in 1770, Salieri tried his hand at concerto form for the first time.  The concerto for violin, oboe, violoncello and orchestra was certainly written for the chamber music evenings favoured by Emperor Joseph.
Symphony for Strings in D Major
Composed in 1775, Salieri’s only symphony was entitled “Sinfonia initiolata aIl giorno (o)nomastico…eseguita in un giardino nel mese d’agosto dell’ano sudderto” (Symphony entitled Name Day, composed in a garden during the month of August of the year noted below).

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